Case Study

S27 invited a product that changed the nails game forever. Instead of wasting 35 minutes of your time making a nail you can do it in 5 MINUTES with their perfect shape molds!



Jose A.F.
Snezhina U.
Fabiola Z.


Brand identity
Social media
Video marketing

Creative Process

How do you present something that is completely new to the world?

Organizing the content in a way that took advantage of the full digital experience was key, which meant including the same content in multi explanations throughout the site. Intuitive navigation was introduced with six separate options: The main navigation. In addition, we leveraged video to integrate with the explanation of the concept. The plan to offer a new issue of the lookbook quarterly required us to go beyond the standard website format and develop a whole platform that can be reused for future issues.


We provided the customer with a fully responsive, fresh looking corporate web page. The web site created unique brand positioning and increased the company’s sales effectiveness.


From a technical perspective, the website is created using WordPress CMS. It provides all the essential possibilities, as well as the information on the new E.A corporate page.

Market Research

We created a brand new identity based on their buyer persona, something innovative that perfectly reflects what they stand for.


Team Management

The brief was short and powerful: “We want to be taken seriously, our product is disruptive and new for such a conservative industry” and that is exactly what we did.

Product Features

When we partner with a brand, we help them define their story. To express their story, we create original content that engages and connects with people.


Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Creative Idea

User Experience Research

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Brand Redesign

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Web & App Development

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WASOE is the Company that has made a before and after in my business. With them, I always get the answer I need at the time I need it. They are always there to give you and advise. 100% recommended!!!”

Fabiola Luu – Studio27

A story in Research

Studio27, is a brand that believes in the ability of any woman to become a nail professional. We are the only brand with a patent of our method in Spain, it is the 3-step method.

We work with our mold (Perfect Shape Molds) that is also unique in the market in its form and design and we manage to turn our clients into nail salon techniques ready to start a new stage as professionals. We are proud to see the result in each of our clients and be part of their growth.”

The numbers

What does it take to produce an award-worthy B2B video? Well, we can take some cues from Hollywood. Movies that earn Oscar nominations tend to form a distinct connection with viewers. They often evoke emotion — through drama, humor, relatability — and compel an audience to think differently about the topics they explore.

  • Conversion Rate – 90%
  • Return Users – 77%
  • Social Following – 85%





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