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Webshop lease

A starting entrepreneur often has to do with heavy start-up costs. We understand that and that’s why we have come up with a solution. Start selling today!

Maintenance Service

Your website may already be attractive, engaging and optimized for search engines, but you don’t want to have to worry about maintaining its reputation yourself.


Do you have more than one website? If you have more websites in our webhosting service you may get some good disccounts! Dont be shy lets talkt about it.


Updating your site? Keeping everything up-to-date, watching new trends testing and implementing them in your site! That is what you get with the Webdesign+ package


New promotions? What is selling good? How can we make a product sell better, we will assist you with your webshop as a webshop manager! Sell more, do it better!

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Log in to your account to view past orders, download invoices or to update your account information.

Other benefits are…



We offer a very competetitive price.

Amazing customer service

As an existing client you already know what we mean with this!

Better and faster!

We have the best hosting speed in town.You don’t believe it? See it for yourself!

Everything under one roof

Everything works better when it’s all Under One Roof.

Massive savings

You can reap massive savings in both costs & efficiency.

Exclusive support

We are part of your organisation, we will help you with ideas to improve.
Plans and pricing

Always know what you’ll pay.

You can learn more about our Terms of Service

Comodo SSL certificate

Secure the connection between your website and your visitors

Private Hosting Service For WASOE Clients

Been a client of WASOE has many benefits one of them is our exclusive hosting service!

Frequently asked questions

Why is the Hosting service private?

We are not making any profit out of our Hosting service, we provide this service to our clients as an exclusive benefit, to guaranteed safer websites, faster and better than other hosting services out there. To keep that quality we must make it exclusive. If you want to become a client please get in contact with us, for more information visit our Terms and Conditions.

How can I become a client

Let us know more about your company/organization by getting in contact with us, we will make an appointment to discuss your projects/ideas and see how we can help you with it.

Are you better than other hosting providers?
By far! For real… That is the reason why we are an exclusive hosting service, we provide an amazing quality and to keep it that way, we need to be very selective with our clients.
Are you more expensive than other hosting providers?
Absolutley not! Actually we are cheapper than the most hosting providers out there!