Digital marketing trends you need to be aware of in 2018.



Do you have the answer that people search for on Google? That is one of the marketing trends of 2018. We listed the five most important trends for you.

Here we made a list of the five-digital-marketing-trends-you-need-to-be-aware-of-in-2018!


1. Who can answer the question better?

Previously it was about using the right keywords in your text so that you were found in a search engine. Now it’s about who can best answer the question that the potential customer is facing.

At Google, it is still important to get to positions 1 to 10, but nowadays you see ‘featured snippet’ appearing at the top where you can immediately find a complete answer. For example, if someone is looking for ‘pasta carbonara’, a whole recipe is immediately added.

To reach your audience well, it is useful to keep this in mind. What questions do people ask about your product? You can find that on Twitter or internet forums. If you know what is going on among your target group, you can create very targeted content.

An example: a health insurer discovered that many HR people are struggling to make a plan for sustainable employability of the staff. They started writing about it in the form of a whitepaper, an article with tips and they made a video with an explanation. With that, they are providing their customers with a very useful resource of information. We are increasingly seeing this form of targeted branded content.

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2. Only relevant content counts

You often see that companies send as much content as possible into the world in the hope of reaching their audience. In 2018, everyone should finally do structural audits to be able to register how the content is performing; what does it yield?

Does it meet expectations? Is it the promotion that there is so little range? Is it better to do in a different form?

Making an expensive video is fun, but it makes no sense if you only reach a small group of people. Companies should produce much less, but what they make must be very good. It is all about relevant content.

Take a close look at all your channels and see what can be improved. An argument for not doing this is that it is time-consuming, but it takes a lot of time to make content that no one sees.

“Does it meet expectations? Is it the promotion that there is so little range? Is it better to do in a different form?”

3. LinkedIn as a content platform

Everyone talks about the growth of Instagram, but LinkedIn has really made a come-back. Especially daily use has increased.

Previously, LinkedIn was mainly used to maintain your network. Now companies use it for employer branding, or, in order to put themselves as an employer in the market. ZZP people can also use LinkedIn to show what they can do by writing blogs.

There are many opportunities and not everyone is using them. For example, the interface and usability have been greatly improved, so that sharing content there is now much easier.

You can also see a lot of video on LinkedIn. It is a good medium for business services and SMEs. They can also use it for content curation: that means that you share a nice article that you have read somewhere with others.

Make sure that you always add your own vision. You can share your own video or blog about your own topic. Make sure you share useful information with people that they really benefit from.

You often see that people use LinkedIn to say that they have brought in a customer again, but that is not information that someone else learns from.

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4. Video is growing

Videos in all kinds of forms are already doing very well, and their importance will increase in 2018.

Mark Zuckerberg announced early 2017 that Facebook is the motto. On Facebook, a video is still more likely to appear on someone’s timeline than text.

Everyone can get started with video. You can edit it yourself on a desktop or with your iPhone, that has also become easier thanks to various apps (such as Video show or Clips). Do not worry too much about the quality, it is not bad if the lighting is not perfect. When it comes to relevant content; it must be a good story.

5. Chat with companies takes a flight

It has become increasingly normal to get in contact with companies via WhatsApp. For a customer, it is easier to ask a question there than via the call menu. The government and smaller companies also communicate with their customers via WhatsApp or Messenger.

The advantage is that you can partly automate it, the simple questions answer a chatbot. If it becomes more complicated, a person takes over. The personal contact remains. Chatbots are a lot cheaper than people so you can save on staff costs.

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