We Love People

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We understand that it’s human interaction that helps you to connect your brand to your audience. If you base your entire company and image on formulas, SEO algorithms and mathematical equations then your audience won’t resonate with you.

That is why we use ground-breaking advancements to deliver your site right to your audience while harnessing the digital world algorithms for success. We really do give you the best of both worlds and we strongly believe that we have what it takes to give you the winning strategy you need to break out of the market and hit the ground running.

Meet us.

Our team will get you in front of audiences who actually want to buy your product or service, by creating content that is catered just for them. The key to business success has always been the same: “Find a need and fill it.” What we do is helping you show your audience that need in the most interactive and irresistible way.

J.A Fiallo Leon

Founder – Allrounder

Snezhina Uzunova

Graphic Designer

Noor Stikkelbroeck

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Rick Jansen

AV Specialist

Sometimes big problems are best solved with lots of small and creative solutions.


Euclideslaan 60, 3584 BN Utrecht

We All Love What We Do

We wouldn’t be here right now if we didn’t enjoy it. We are multicultural and multinational, yet we all have one thing in common. We all love what we do, and when we come into the studio, we form one team with a single mission.

That mission is to help you take over the world, using hustle and loyalty to build a solid foundation for your business. We believe that you won’t find anyone else who is more dedicated than we are, and we take great pride in the work that we do.

Together, our team make WASOE. But with you? We’d make history.

Curious about our prognoses for your business? Feel free to contact us for an enthusiastic conversation!